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New Arrival: KSB Master Class

Learn how to perfect your artistry skills by completeing a pro course with the master mua, No prior experience is neceassary. Our course has been rated five stars and has been voted as best makeup brand of 2021 by our KSB consumers. XII beauty edition will be released on 02.07.21 for our official brand launch. 

Vogue Icon: Gladimy Fleurejuste and Taiwan Designer: Che Yen

New Arrival: KSL Legality Course

Explore how to navigate the realm of business. With expediential knowledge from Kim herself, you will be set to properly ensure your plan has lasting results. This program helps guide young entrepreneurs in the realm of business from a legal perspective. Legal references are for educational purposes only.


photo dec 10, 10 26 38 am.jpg

KSB Model and CEO: Kimberly Soto

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